PARTNERS - Industry


WSKRZ was established in 1937 and now has some 4700 direct employees that operate from its 200 000m2 facility in Poland. Sales of over €70m in 2003 make WSKRZ Poland's leading gas turbine component manufacturer. The core business is in manufacturing engine and transmission components as well as investment casting turbine blades and vanes. Subsidiary companies involve the manufacture of power plants. Customers of WSKRZ are split in the ratio 50:50 between aerospace and other metallurgical industries and include Rolls-Royce and GE all of whom demand the highest quality components for use in their engines. The range of turbine blades accounts for more than 35% of their product range. Operations include heat treatment, galvanic, welding, brazing, spraying, casting and NADCAP approved NDT processes such as X-ray, MPI and FPI.

Reasons for participating
WSKRZ is working towards becoming a 'Program Integrator' for Poland based projects and has a long term strategy to include material and logistics support for all current and future customers. Obviously the mid-Eastern airlines, aircraft engine and power generation turbine manufacturers are a major part of the potential customer base. The FilmFree project will facilitate the increased throughput and accuracy in radiographic inspection that will be required for WSKRZ to fulfil this strategy.

Contribution to the project
WSKRZ will provide support and advice to guide the potential development of the digital radiographic system, so that it includes the requirements of the aerospace and engine sector.

FilmFree is a collaboration between the following organisations: TWI Ltd, CIT Ltd, Balteau NDT SA, Innospexion ApS, OY AJAT Ltd, Advanced Technology Group s.r.o., Isotest Engineering S.r.l., Tecnitest Ingenieros SL, Trueflaw Ltd, Kingston Computer Consultancy Ltd, NDT Consultants Ltd, Technic Control Ltd Co, Industrial Control Machines SA, X-Tek Systems Ltd, Applus RTD, Nexus Engineering Ltd, Airbus UK Ltd, EADS CCR - Groupement d’Interet Economique, Wytwornia Sprzetu Komunikacyjnego PZL – Rzeszow SA, Total France, Rolls Royce plc, Advantica Ltd, DB AG, Helenic Society of Non Destructive Testing, Castings Technology International, Bulgarian Welding Society, Commissariat a l’energie atomiique, Federal Institute for Materials Research and Testing, Technical University of Sofia and Politechnika Szcezinska. The Project is co-ordinated and managed by TWI Ltd. and is partly funded by the EC under the IP SME programme ref: Number NMP2-CT-2005-515746.