TRUEFLAW (Finland)


Trueflaw Ltd. is a private company producing realistic artificial flaws for NDE purposes. The company has been founded in 2001 and had in year 2003 one permanent full time employee. The company is expected to show strong growth and will employ more people during next years. Trueflaw Ltd. utilises a unique, patented technology to produce realistic flaws. The owners of the company have extensive knowledge of different material degradation mechanism present in the nuclear industry. The novel technology is based on real thermal fatigue. Trueflaw see an opportunity to obtain inspection data of these flaws from the highly skilled participants of the project.

Reasons for participating
Trueflaw Ltd has a unique technology, which makes possible to produce representative artificial flaws to any kind of component. Thus providing an excellent opportunity for the project to test NDE methods with representative flaws. Trueflaw see an opportunity to obtain inspection data of these flaws of highly skilled participants of the project.

Contribution to project
In this project, the contractual role of Trueflaw Ltd. is to produce a fatigue weld specimen. (WP-A). Weld and casting specimens will be provided by other participants of the project).

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